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Collaborative organization: Lost Artists Collective

Featured Artist



Artist Statement

Modern Artist living and working in Detroit, MI.

Discovering spirituality and the fluidity of the human psyche through movement, color, and abstraction.

Carson was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he grew up immersed in a world of art and design. The product of two artists, Carson had a toolbox of mediums to explore from an early age, but it was painting that truly captivated him. As a young professional, painting took somewhat of a back seat while Carson worked in fashion design and interior design in New York City and Austin, Texas until his true passion of creating with his hands called him back. Currently in residence in an early 20th century industrial building, his chosen medium is oil painting, and he is committed to the arts full-time back home, living and working in Detroit. Carson has works in private collections throughout Michigan, NYC, Austin, Los Angeles, and Toronto. 

For me, art is a form of meditation. It’s a place to release, reflect, and gaze toward the future, but most importantly, a place to be present. My work aims to discover spirituality and the fluidity of the human psyche through movement, color and imagery depicting religious symbolism, the human figure, and life experiences. Abstracting and identifying the nature of these motifs has allowed me to dive deeper into the expression of human emotion when I approach the canvas. By creating a story as a bed to build said emotion on, a picture begins to unfold. Most of my work is not intended to be a literal interpretation of a subject, but rather an expression of a thought process or feeling that outlines a spiritual guide map to the contemporary world. 


Medium:Oil on Canvas

Size:48"h x 60"w

Circa: 2021


Note: Carson has committed a portion of the proceeds go back to

MM-O-DD for youth programming.

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