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Collaborative organization: Lost Artist Collective

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Artist Statement

Kitchen explores themes of creativity, expression, work, and gender roles through depicting a woman cleaning her kitchen, thus performing an act that a patriarchal society has long minimized and denounced to be “woman’s work.” 

The piece aims to depict the female figure not as someone who is oppressed or reduced to only her traditional roles, but someone who uses these functions to explore their own creativity and expression, as well as assign themselves a form of agency through the act. 

Kitchen works as a subversive piece that on its face seems unassuming and potentially obtuse but upon extended reflection serves as a nod to continuing strife and a will to push forward that cannot be broken. This is reflected again stylistically, while it appears to be illustrative and consistent with more modern conventions of art, it also harkens back to 18th century art in form and content. 

Kitchen stands as an exercise in embracing the artist’s perceived shortcomings of acrylic paint and embracing the shortcomings of the artist’s rough and improper technique. The execution in this style is done with the idea of the act of creating art being not only a point of reflection but also explores the freedom to create art whilst being completely independent of expectations or pretense. 


Medium: Acrylic and graphite on canvas

Size:24"h x 12" w

Circa: 2021


Note: Diego has committed a portion of the proceeds go back to MM-O-DD for youth programming.

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